Sunset Shades

The results of an intensive day's photography on the Gower

Had a great day's photography on the Gower penninsular , with a little extra help from Nick from Gowerphotography.
Starting at 2pm, we picked out a few interesting features around Worm's Head, but as the light was bright and with (for once) a cloudless sky - photos were a bit on the bland side at first.
BUT then, after a rest and dinner at a lovely pub over looking Rhossili Bay, we took to the beach for some sunset photos.
After a little drama from an impromptu air sea rescue helicopter ( and they were filming the rescue!), the sky prodcued it's own drama... in the form of an intense and misty sunset. Followed by a little crab, we moved towards the sea and captured the ripples, waves and reflections!
Exhausted, it was difficult to tear ourselves away, but as we had been up and about there for 12 hours, we had to make the decision to return happy and weary back to base.

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